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Press release

Chamaye, the brand dedicated to parent-child caps and beanies, presents its new winter collection: caps and beanies are a family affair!

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Every parent has at some time struggled to get their little one to keep their cap on their head, whether it's their cap in summer or their beanie in winter...

Chamaye has found a clever solution to encourage our little ones to keep their headgear.

The young French brand offers parent-child caps and beanies adorned with mischievous embroidery, which allow children to be "as cool" as mum and dad: the best argument so that they don't want to let go of their hats!


Chamaye, the brand entirely dedicated to parent-child caps and beanies

Chamaye matching caps and beanies play on the mimicry of 0-6 year olds, and on their desire to do like their parents. They create a bond between family members, and you can wear them as a pair, a trio, or more, which makes them a great gift idea for the holidays.

The collections are matched but not always identical : “ Our caps have a family resemblance, but each has their own personality! », emphasizes Camille Thibier, the brand Founder.

For example, caps for children can be embroidered on the front, and those for adults on the back. The embroideries are sometimes identical (“Funky Family”, “Enfant Terrible”), or complementary (“Petit Loup” and “Vieux Loup”, “Wild Child” and “Cool Mum/Dad”).

A mischievous world

The brand name, Chamaye, is a reference to the family life bickering. " Chamaye, for all families who love and bicker" is the brand baseline.

Chamaye tickles the stereotypical codes of the family with his mantra: “With us, the parents have panache and the babies, nose-picking (and vice versa)” .

The brand for the whole family, from parents to children

Creating accessories or clothes for parents and children is nothing new: for years, mother-daughter styles have been popular, with capsule collections dedicated to this duo. Chamaye innovates with many duos thanks to which all parents can playfully coordinate with their "mini-me", whatever their gender or that of the child, including father/daughter and mother/son pairs.

Moreover, Chamaye headgear is not stereotyped: there are no pink flowers for girls, or blue for boys. The colors and patterns are unisex, and the caps have an urban and casual style. Adults can wear them all year round to accessorize their outfits.

"Chamaye caps combine style and health, and protect heads in all seasons, at the beach or in the city."

Chamaye, headgear specialist

Chamaye specializes in headgear, with summer caps and winter beanies . The brand is currently offering its second autumn collection, with many new models available online.

Selection of Chamaye caps and beanies

Petit / Vieux Loup Beanie Pair


Pair of pompom hats

Canaille beanie pair

Duo of Canaille Chamaye parent-child hats: gift ideas for the whole family!

Pair of Funky Family velvet caps

Pair of Phénomène velvet caps


About Camille Thibier, founder of Chamaye
Before launching her own brand, Camille Thibier worked for four years on an exciting intrapreneurship project: she launched the Les Petits Raffineurs gift e-shop for children, a kids version of the Les Raffineurs e-shop for men.
From the construction of the site to the selection of products through the communication strategy and the development of her own collections, Camille cut her teeth in e-commerce, juggling with different hats.
It was while carrying out her activity as a buyer at Les Petits Raffineurs that she noticed that there was no brand of funky and non-stereotyped caps that appealed to young and old alike. On September 1 , 2020, she launched Chamaye!

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